Wholse herbal Olive Essence delicate liquid hand washing detergent 500ml hand soap

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 Product: 500g Liquid Hand Soap
 Type: Hand Soap
 Form:  Liquid
 Active Matter: 15% or Customized
 Weight 500g or Customized
 Essence: Olive or Customized
 Color: Transparent
 Function: Basic cleaning, Anti-bacterial
 Valid Time: In 3 Years Since Production Date
 Package: 500ml, 750ml,1kg,
 Design:  Free Available
 Certificate:  SGS, MSDS, ISO
 OEM/ODM:  Available
 Package  Individually packed by bottle, 12pc/carton
 Delivery Time  25-30 days after confirming deposit

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500ml olive hand wash liquid

1. Liquid Hand Soap made with olive essential oils, aloe Vera extract, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients

2. Gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin, and it has water retention and moisturizing function.

3. Gets hands extra clean; reduces waste, each pump creates luxurious lather.

4. Paraben free hand soap that also made without phthalates, our hand soap wont harm to your hands
5. The hand wash soap will leave your hands clean while smelling great.

6. Indulge your hands with a never-before feel and fragrance

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Removes ingrained dirt, oil, paint and adhesive;

Easy to apply, a safe and effective hand care solution for all trades;

High perfume or non-perfume;

Soft and harmless to hand;

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Nice smell after hand washing;

With various bottle shape packing;

Suitable for hand sterilization in family, medical institution, bank, hotel, etc.


1) Seal tub securely after use. Store in original sealed container and protect from extremes of temperature. Keep out of reach of Children.

2) Avoid contact eyes.

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