450h 500g Antiseptic Custom Fragrance Liquid Hand Soap for Hand Washing

Short Description:

 Product: 500g Liquid Hand Soap
 Type: Hand Soap
 Form:  Liquid
 Active Matter: 15% or Customized
 Weight 500g or Customized
 Essence: Lemon Rose Aloe or Customized
 Color: Transparent
 Function: Basic cleaning, Anti-bacterial
 Valid Time: In 3 Years Since Production Date
 Package: 500ml, 750ml,1kg,
 Design:  Free Available
 Certificate:  SGS, MSDS, ISO
 OEM/ODM:  Available
 Package  Individually packed by bottle, 24pc/carton
 Delivery Time  25-30 days after confirming deposit

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  • FRESH and  STERILIZE: The special sterilizing agent will kill more than 99% germ after use. Rich foam rinsing easily.
  • contain aloe moisturizing factor.
  • Aloe contains superoxide dismutase (SOD) is more effective mechanism toenhance the skin so that the skin whitening nourishing, natural youth.
  • MILD FORMULA: New natural formula with the plant extract, more care your hand.
  • MAINLY INGREDIENTS: Antimicrobial Agent, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Surface Active Agent, Glycerin, Parfum, Plant Extract, Carbomer, Thickener, PH Adjuster,aloe extract etc.
  • ATTENSION: Drink or Swallow FORBIDDEN
hand soap 6

Removes ingrained dirt, oil, paint and adhesive;

Easy to apply, a safe and effective hand care solution for all trades;

High perfume or non-perfume;

Soft and harlmless to hand;

hand soap 5

Nice smell after hand washing;

With various bottle shape packing;

Suitable for hand sterilization in family, medical institution, bank, hotel, etc.

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