Mild to Hand Anti-Bacterial Detergent Liquid Dishwashing Liquid

Short Description:

 Product:  500g/2kg Dishwashing Liquid
 Type:  Detergent for Kitchen
 Form:  Liquid
 Active Matter: 10%, 15%,20% or Customized
 Weight  500g or 2kg or Customized
 Essence:  Green Lemon or Customized
 Color:  Transparent
 Function:  Dish Clean, Anti-bacterial
 Valid Time:  In 3 Years Since Production Date
 Package: 500ml, 750ml,1kg, 2kg, 5kg
 Design:  Free Available
 Certificate:  SGS, MSDS, ISO
 OEM/ODM:  Available
 Package  Individually packed by bottle, 8pc/carton for 2kg weight
 Delivery Time  25-30 days after confirming deposit

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  • With Go-touch Dishwashing liquid, even the hardest dirts on your pans, plates, pots etc. will be removed. 
  • Thanks to active particles in its content, fats easily get dissolved and removed from the surface. 
  • Go-Touch Dishwashing liquid is available in different packaging types and perfume

Strong Cleaning Power

Strong removable of oil pollution, pesticide residue and so on;
Natural formula, mildly to hand and skin, safety use for whole family.

Mild to Hand Anti-Bacterial Detergent Liquid Dishwashing Liquid (2)
Mild to Hand Anti-Bacterial Detergent Liquid Dishwashing Liquid (1)

Eco-friendly Formula

Concentrated type liquid, save water and highly effect;
Just a drop of liquid,will easy washing kinds of vegetable,fruit,and tableware cleanly without any vestigital


1. Add a few drops into the water and input the tableware, fruits &vegetables for soaking. Then rinse off with clean water. Or it is better to drop in the rag to directly
2. Rub the tableware, kitchen utensils and other hard surfaces, then rinse off with clean water, till to no foam.


1.  Stored in cool and dry place, keep away from children;
2. Drinking is forbidden, in case of getting into eyes, washing with plenty of water and Please go to a doctor.

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