100g hote sale royal natural bath soap, beauty soap,whitening soap bar

Short Description:

 Product:  Bath Soap
 Type beauty soap
 Weight  100g
 Ingredient:  Vegetable Oil, Soap Noodles, skincare Essence
 Fragrance: Natural plant perfume or Customized
 Color:  White or Customized
 Shape:  Rectangle
 Packing:  Individually packed by opp film wrapper, 72/96pcs per carton
Certifiication ISO Approved
All the above specifications could be customized according to customer’s requirements.

Product Detail

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1. It derived from natural palm oil, for your beautiful skin, enriched with special high protein ingredients/extract to suit your skin needs. It provides an elegant, first class quality fragrance with whitening and moisturizing agents.

2. With Natural Fresh Fragrance and enriched with Moisturizer & active regenerin for the beauty of skin, will give you a truly refreshing bath experience.

3. It has a good deep activation of the body, so that the cell membrane at night for melanin delivery and excretion increased, so as to quickly resolve melanin, dark spots, freckles and various spots, significantly dilute And gradually disappear.

4 the safe antibacterial ingredient that helps prevent bacterial growth on the skin. Reduce skin wrinkles with special plant extracts. Smoothen fine lines and refines texture

5. Scent: milk ,flower, fruit, perfume etc.



1.Long History
We are established in 1997, more than 20year's experience in making soap.
2. High-tech Equipments
We have 9 production lines, including soap production line imported from Italy.
3. Guaranteed Quality
Our products are supplied to more than 50countries all over the word. 
4. OEM Manufacturer/Factory
We have 15 year's OEM service experience, which reduce a lot of cost and make products more competitive

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