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Short Description:

 Product:  Bath Soap
 Type  Antibacterial Soap
 Weight  90g
 Ingredient:  Vegetable Oil, Soap Noodles, skincare Essence
 Fragrance:  Dettol or flower or Customized
 Color:  White, black or Customized
 Shape:  Oval
 Packing:  Individually packed by box, 72/96pcs per carton
Certifiication ISO Approved
Delivery time 25-30days
Delivery port Tianjin port
All the above specifications could be customized according to customer’s requirements.

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Red Carbolic soap is a mild disinfectant soap that contains carbolic acid, a compound that is extracted from coal tar. This soap was once the disinfectant of choice in operating rooms and private homes alike, and it still can be found in some regions of the world. Several companies manufacture carbolic soap as a reasonably cheap disinfectant, and some people like to use this soap out of a sense of nostalgia or a genuine liking for it.

As a disinfectant, this type of soap is a reasonably good choice, especially when the options are limited. It can be used by healthcare professionals to wash their hands between patients in a clinic, for example, or as a regular showering soap, although users should keep it away from the sensitive skin around their faces. Some people also find that this soap is effective against stubborn grease and embedded dirt, making it especially popular with mechanics. Carbolic soap also can be used to do laundry and scrub floors, and a few companies sell versions that have been formulated for these tougher tasks.



1.Long History

My factory HeBei Baiyun Daily Chemical Co.,ltd established in 1997, until now have more than 23year's experience in soap making .

2. High-tech Equipments

We have 9 production lines, bath soap lines, laundry soap liquid detergent lines, kitchen detergent lines , some of soap production lines imported from Italy.

3. Guaranteed Quality

We have ISO 9001 certification, SGS factory On-site factory certification

Our products are supplied to more than 50countries all over the word. 

4. OEM Manufacturer/Factory

We have 18 year's OEM service experience, Can provide customers with a variety of market needs of products, and help customers to save costs to win the market, we have the experience to make products more competitive,welcome to send inquiry

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