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  • Do you know the difference between laundry detergent and soap liquid?

    The active component of laundry detergent is mainly non-ionic surfactant, and its structure includes water-wet end and oil-wet end, in which oil-wet end combines with stain, and then separates stain and fabric through physical movement.At the same time, surfactants reduce the tension of water, so...
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  • a bar of soap in your car can do so much good

    Soap in our daily life is a very common daily necessities, can be bought in any supermarket, if you put it in the car, there are many benefits.First of all, in rainy days, take out the prepared soap to solve the problem of fog in the rearview mirror, the specific way is to apply soap on the rearv...
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  • Why does washing with soap and water protect us from infection COVID-19? 

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other agencies and health experts, the best way to avoid COVID-19 is simply to ensure proper hand washing with soap and water at all times.Although using good soap and water has been proven to work countless times, how does it work in the ...
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